Kush Rush 1g Sugar/Shatter Mix & Match [BULK]



Kush Rush Shatter / Sugar 1g each, potent and tasty!

Shatter is a brittle, glass-like cannabis extract named for its breakability. It has a glassy appearance and tends to break, or shatter, like glass when snapped in two. Like other cannabis concentrates, shatter is a favorite among dabbing enthusiasts. Properly cured shatter comes from a careful and unrushed manufacturing process.
Sugar Wax is a concentrate that is very similar to shatter. It is created using the same extraction method. It also has a wide range of colors from very light yellow to almost amber. But the consistency and texture will be very different from shatter. Sugar Wax is rich and flavor and a bit easier to handle than other extracts as it is thicker. As the name suggests it will look like sugar, or more precisely wet sugar.




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