Orange Cookies Distillate 1 gram


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Orange Cookies flavor is exotic and contains 82% THC. It’s a burst of fresh spring and finishing with a mellow smoothness. This flavor has the ability to appeal to many from the complexity. Go BIG with Big Daddy’s premium distillate glass syringe with natural terpene flavoring. Big Daddy’s Glass Syringe delivers 1 Gram of cannabis-derived distillate oil with no residual solvents, testing at zero ppm, the only thing added are natural terpenes to create a rich and complex flavor. With Big Daddy’s Distillate Syringe, nothing but pure cannabinoids and terpenes grace your palate. For clean and potent high with concentrate developed by a seven-time award-winning brand, Big Daddy’s all you need. 1 Gram Premium Distillate Glass Syringe Applicator with Child Resistant Cap Zero PPM / Solvents Added Natural Terpenes



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